We will be using the D&D 4th Edition standard rules and equipment listings for all items purchased for your character. I know the names of materials don’t match those of the Elder Scrolls setting…for this, I am sorry.

Because there is no crafting skill in D&D 4th Edition, smithing will be more of a roleplaying mechanic. If you wish to Smith an item for PC use, you will need at least 8 hours to properly craft the item at mundane quality, and an Endurance skill check (DC 15). If you succeed, but are 5 pts or more than the DC, you make the quality of the item Masterwork (+1 to the proficiency bonus of the weapon, or -1 to the check penalty of the armor).

Only a ritual caster, with the Enchant Magic Item ritual, can upgrade an item’s quality (from common to uncommon or rare), or bestow enchantments upon it. Remember, the caster will need a Soul Gem for each item the ritual is performed on.

See rituals for Soul Gem details.


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